AEGEE Model of United Nations- międzynarodowe symulacje obrad ONZ. Aplikacje zostały otwarte!

On behalf of European Students’ Forum AEGEE-Cracow we have the pleasure to invite you to the conference “AEGEE Model of United Nations” which is held on 23-25 may 2014 in Cracow.

AEGEE Model of United Nations is an international interactive conference that is organized by European Students’ Forum AEGEE-Cracow. Every participant will have a chance to represent a country (member of UN) and discuss global political and economic issues. The main goal of the conference is to promote the knowledge about the role of the UN in the modern world and its engagement in solving international issues. The conference aims at developing diplomatic skills of participants as well.

More specifically the conference will address key questions such as Ukrainian Crisis and Recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.

All participants will be able to establish their positions and views of the problems mentioned above while representing their countries (as a member of Security Council of UN). Students will be taught how to negotiate keeping in mind their own country’s interest and maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development at the same time.

The conference includes plenary sessions, lectures, and cultural events. It will be also an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty and variety of the environment and culture of Cracow.

Eligibility: students from Poland and abroad

Costs: 85 zł (for polish students); 25 € (for foreign students)

The application form:

The deadline for application is May 3

For more detailed informations please visit our webside: