ROME MUN czyli największa na świecie symulacja Obrad ONZ czeka na Ciebie!

Chcecie sprawdzić swoje umiejętności językowe na międzynarodowym evencie?
ROME MUN czyli największa na świecie symulacja obrad ONZ zaprasza Was Wszystkich do udziału w projekcie. 
Aplikacje są jeszcze otwarte, a sam projekt odbędzie się w dniach 14-18.03.2015r. we Włoszech. 
Więcej szczegółów znajdziecie na stronie:


The RomeMUN conference will take place in Rome (Italy) from the 14th to the 18th of March 2015, in cooperation with eminent national and international institutional organizations and UN agencies based in Italy, which will host the event. The number of delegates who will take part to the event as well as the number of committees that will be represented is increasingly growing. On the 2015 edition, we are expecting 2000 delegates coming from more than 100 countries and 5 continents who will represent the UN member states in ten different UN committees. We endear to spark a tremendous international debate upon the original topics that we are putting forward this year. This year, among the committees that will be played, there will be a committee completely role in Italian language.

Committees represented:

ECOSOC – “Sustainable development in the framework of the post-2015 agenda, the role of NGOs and civil society”
GA ECOFIN- “Adapting the agriculture development to insure food security and nutrition goals. Advances, Priorities and Regulations”
GA SOCHUM- “Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger through gender equality and women empowerment in post 2015”
SECURITY COUNCIL – “Weather warfare. Natural resources as a cause of conflict and the use of weather modification techniques for military purposes”
ICJ – “Germany v. Italy, Question on Jurisdictional Immunities of the State”
FAO – “How to feed the world 2050. Creating a sustainable framework to manage food-security and to combat poverty”
CEU- “A new framework for food waste and food loss”
UNESCO- “Education and awareness on nutrition problems. How to mobilize commitment to solve them”
UNEP- “Impact of climate change on biodiversity”
UNICEF- “How to combat extreme children malnutrition” (This committee will be entirely conducted in ITALIAN)

Open positions:

DELEGATE: Take the challenge and represent one of the UN members, deal with the most relevant issues of our time. Prepare yourself, have talks with your colleague and achieve a final resolution reflecting your position.

JOURNALIST: Work as a real journalist of a famous International network like Al-Jazeera, BBC,

CCTV, FRANCE24, RUSSIA TODAY, RTVE Canal 24 oras. You will have the chance to write articles, interview delegates and the keynote speakers of RomeMUN 2015.

TRANSLATOR: Can you speak one of the official languages of the UN, in addition to English? If YES, you can participate as translator for resolutions, interviews and videos produced during RomeMUN 2015 and as interpreter for the news-networks represented at RomeMUN.


Giovani nel Mondo thanks to the contribution of its several sponsors and contributors offers 200 scholarships (both total and partial) in order to facilitate students’ participation to RomeMUN 2015.


  • 50 more SCHOLARSHIPS respect to last year for the most talented students!
  • Number of DELEGATES and COMMITTEES has steadily increased!
  • A multilingual SECURITY COUNCIL held in the six official languages of the United Nations!
  • One of the committees entirely hold in ITALIAN!

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